Meet The Team

7000 Trees is a new creative agency focussing on producing and promoting multi-disciplinary arts practice. Led by the sound and performance artist Daniel Hignell-Tully (Distant Animals) and the photographer Lee Copleston, 7000 Trees enables creative professionals and aspiring artists to produce, promote and distribute their work through a framework that seeks to both support socio-ecological methods, and to champion the use of environmental and ethical materials and processes. With a background in education, participation, digital technology, and experimental practice, the collective seeks to produce work and create spaces that explore socially-conscious and community-led artistic production, whilst maintaining a focus on contemporary and avant-garde approaches.



Composer, Designer, Film-maker.

PhD Musical Composition.



Photographer, Musician, Videographer.

MA Photography.



Composer, Circuit-bender, Sound engineer.

MA Musical Composition.

Ecologically-minded, research-orientated, socially-aware, audio-visual design.