7000 Trees provides a supportive and productive environment to develop a wide range of sound-based projects. With a team consisting of specialists in recording, composition, song-writing/production, sound design, post-production and live sound, we are fully equipped to meet your needs.  As musicians ourselves, we can help you to develop your music and try out new approaches, turning everything from half-finished songs to your most ambitious ideas into reality. We will sit down with you to work out a bespoke action plan, fully engaging with your aims and influences in order to get the result you are after. 

Experienced in rock, electronic, and classical composition, we utilise our background as experimental artists and engineers to devise a unique palette of sound with which to add character and depth to your project. With a wide range of software, high-spec recording equipment, and a pool of professional musicians and producers at our disposal, we are uniquely equipped to offer professional, custom, sound-work. 


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Lonely Aisles

Self-styled 'Gloom-pop' group Lonely Aisles needed a recording that matched their unique blend of folk, pop, rock and electronica. 

Tracked at both a professional studio and, for the more intimate moments, in the bands own homes, 7000 Trees were able to capture the bands inherent character, balancing both the boldness of drums, guitars and synthesisers, with the delicate nature of the cello, piano, and vocal harmonies. 

Listen to 'The Body and The Bell':

00:00 / 04:03

Photo credit: Kaleido Shoots




Members of the 7000 Trees collective have produced a number of themed compositions for soundtracks, sample packs, and library music.

Working with companies such as Noiiz, and labels like Enagram and Auricular, we have provided work for a range of contexts. Most recently, we contributed to the official soundtrack of the Recycled TV / Norient produced feature film 'Contradict'.   

Listen to examples of our work below:

Sci-fi / Action / Drama
00:00 / 01:59
Emotive / Drama / Expansive
00:00 / 01:35
Ambient / Drone / Background
00:00 / 03:28
Horror / Tension / Dissonant
00:00 / 02:10

Ecologically-minded, research-orientated, socially-aware, audio-visual design.