7000 Trees are passionate about creating challenging, socially-aware artworks across a range of disciplines. Whether working collaboratively to produce participatory community works, addressing resonant social issues, or devising topical performance pieces, our passion is to use art as a means of framing and interrogating our shared world.

Working across music, installation, videography, photography, performance and design, our goal is to create works that transcend discipline, and offer a means for the community to reconsider the contours of our moral and ethical structures.

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Sleep was a collaboration with the Sussex Art Law Network and the University of Sussex that involved the creation of an interactive board game. The result of a term-long residency with Sussex's BA Law degree, the work explored the issues facing the homeless community in the form of an interactive and informative game.

Shown at London's Tate Exchange, the game involved participants attempting to find a nights rest, with their efforts hampered by the myriad of legal legislation - such as PSPO'S - that often frustrate and endanger those who live upon the streets. 


An 8 week research project conducted in response to the EU withdrawal negotiations, 'Brecord' examined the language used by politicians and the media when discussing the EU, and used this data to compose a series of sound pieces. Working in collaboration with the composers Antoine Canon and Dylan Beattie, the research project resulted in the production of several lathe-cut records. 

Utilising techniques such as off-centre cutting and locked-grooves, three one-off 7" recorded were produced, that served as an audible manifestation and reflection upon the Brexit debate.