Ethical art?

We devised 7000 Trees to be an ethical business, and part of our ongoing journey is to figure out quite what that means. Some things are, inevitably, pretty far from ethical in any meaningful sense. I'm typing this on a Macbook, and sharing it to Facebook - companies that are hardly bastions of kindness and goodwill. And yet, for a new business, they provide services that, at this point at least, it is hard to avoid using. So what does an ethical business look like? And more pertinently, how can a new business with a limited income, facing all of the numerous struggles that plague all new businesses, follow an ethical path AND stay afloat? As 7000 Trees grows, we'll be documenting our journey, sharing the mistakes and successes as we strive to be an ethical, ecologically-minded entity. From the equipment we use to the partners we collaborate with, the places we market ourselves to the actions we undertake, we hope to explore the reality of running a 'good' business in the modern world.

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Ecologically-minded, research-orientated, socially-aware, audio-visual design.