With a background in both experimental and community-orientated audio, our focus is on creating the perfect context for your recording, without losing any of the character that defines your music.


Utilising our mobile studio, we can record your music in an environment of your choosing - the place where you feel most comfortable, most inspired, or simply the location with your favourite acoustics. We also team up with a local studio to offer traditional studio-recording at a competitive rate.

Whether a band wanting to jam in a cabin in the woods, a choir accustomed to a particular church, or a songwriter looking to record half-way up a mountain, we've got you covered.

We offer a recording experience tailored to your specific needs. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we'll work with you to hire the perfect recording space for your needs, whether thats an abandoned warehouse, . a 12th century castle, your own home, or a traditional studio. 








Whatever kind of project you're involved in, we'll happily sit down and discuss how we can help. We offer a range of audio-visual services geared towards professionals and community groups, and will happily combine services to create the perfect package for your needs.

Check out the links below to hear examples of our work, and to see our pricing structures.

If you want to reach out and ask us any questions, or even just say hello, feel free to email any time.



We offer a range of bespoke services to suit your needs and budget. Prices may change depending on the complexity  and scope of your requirements, but a number of popular services are detailed below.

All prices 20% off throughout 2020!


Day rates

1/2 day recording session : from £90, now £72

1 day recording session : from £165, now £132

3 day recording session : from £470, now £376

5 day recording session : from £775, now £480

Stem mix / master* (including up to 3 revisions and software processing) : from £40 per track

Analogue processing / master* (including up to 3 revisions and hardware out-board processing) : from £60 per track

All recording sessions include free basic mixing after the session. Professional mixing is available at a per song cost (see above).

Package Deals

Record a 2 instrument song from the comfort of your own home (3 hrs) :  £80, now £64

Record high-quality 'live' full-band demos at your rehearsal space (3 hrs) :  £90, now £72

Record and pro mix up to 4 songs (16 mins) over 3 days. Package includes full professional mixing / mastering: from £525, now £420

Record and pro mix up to 10 songs (36 mins) over 6 days. Package includes full professional mixing / mastering*from £1000, now £800

Discounts available for community/ethical/ecological projects that share our ethos.

*Mastering is, quite rightly, an art-form all of its own. We can happily provide you with basic mastering to make your track 'radio-ready', but would always advise sending your final mixes to a dedicated mastering engineer. We will happily provide the required stems and pre-master mixes to your chosen engineer on request.


7000 Trees provides a supportive and productive environment to develop a wide range of sound-based projects. With a team consisting of specialists in recording, composition, song-writing/production, sound design, post-production and live sound, we are fully equipped to meet your needs.  As musicians ourselves, we can help you to develop your music and try out new approaches, turning everything from half-finished songs to your most ambitious ideas into reality. We will sit down with you to work out a bespoke action plan, fully engaging with your aims and influences in order to get the result you are after. 

We love working on characterful recording projects. Whether you're a punk band looking to capture the true 'grit' of your live performance, or a  care home looking to document your residents 'audio histories', we specialise in conceptual approaches to recording.


We offer great rates for charities and community groups, and have experience working with funding bids and inter-disciplinary arts organisations.



Lonely Aisles

Self-styled 'Gloom-pop' group Lonely Aisles needed a recording that matched their unique blend of folk, pop, rock and electronica. 

Tracked at both a professional studio and, for the more intimate moments, in the bands own homes, 7000 Trees were able to capture the bands inherent character, balancing both the boldness of drums, guitars and synthesisers, with the delicate nature of the cello, piano, and vocal harmonies. 

Listen to 'The Body and The Bell':

00:00 / 04:03

Photo credit: Kaleido Shoots

Mill Kanella

Peruvian 'Psych-folk' duo Mill Kanella are nothing if not mysterious. Having played separately in various local Psych outfits for the last decade, the two musicians came together to explore their mutual interest in 'natural incantations'. Performed primarily upon the

 Chinese Guhzeng and percussion, their music is composed on the riverbanks, and forests of their home town. They wanted a recording that could reflect the organic, ecological qualities of their music.

Listen to 'Forest Chorale':



Album art by 7000 Trees

MK album.jpg

Distant Animals

Sound-artist Distant Animals composes dense weaves of modular synthesis and field recordings.


With 'Circa Circa', his E.P. for the American label Nomad Exquisite, he wanted to explore mixing electronic-pop techniques with lo-fi and analogue recording. Using our direct-to-tape recording set-up, we were able to augment his contemporary electronic sounds with organic grit and grain.


Listen to 'Bivouac of the Avant Garde':


Released on Nomad Exquisite

Ecologically-minded, research-orientated, socially-aware, audio-visual design.