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Sleep was a collaboration with the Sussex Art Law Network and the University of Sussex. This term-long residency with Sussex's BA Law degree explored issues facing the homeless community and resulted in the creation of an interactive board game. Players roll a dice and move an artist mannequin across a map of Brighton City centre; each square engages with a specific piece of relevant legislation or case study.

Shown at London's Tate Exchange, the game involved participants attempting to find a night’s rest with their efforts hampered by the myriad of legal legislation - such as Public Space Protection Orders - that often frustrate and endanger those who live upon the streets. 


Drawing upon current legislation as well as pertinent legal cases and challenges, the work sought to explore the contradictory and often illegal use of Public Space Protection Orders.  


Throughout the residency, meetings were organised with local traveller groups and the output of the work - not only the participatory game but a body of legal research - was subsequently used to support the creation of a judicial review challenging the use of PSPO's to target the travelling community.

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