Created in collaboration with choregrapher Luan Machado (Paris Blues), Everyday Violence is a multi-channel audio / dance performance commissioned for the En Chair Et En Son festival in Paris. Utilizing Francois Bayles 'Acousmonium' speaker array, the piece explored the lived experience of the modern world - the thousands of minor attacks that are inflicted upon the contemporary citizen. From the more obvious incursions of sexism and racism to the more mundane cultural and economic wounds that we all carry, the work offered an abstract response to the burden of the contemporary self, using the dance medium to underscore the endless turmoil of our lives.

Created using both a custom granular synthesis chain and python-coded visuals, alongside Machado's evocative, abstract choreography, Everyday Violence replicates the repetitive, angular affront of its theme, wielding fractured, cascading synthesis and abstract visual forms. 

The music portion was released on the Engram Record label.

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